Rhythm and Blues


The late ’60s were an explosive time in America. Flower power was blooming, civil rights were in full swing, and while American soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, American musicians were creating several brands of rebellious music back home. One such musician, a trombonist/conga player from Pontiac, Michigan, had grown weary of his nation’s volatile political climate. In the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, Melvyn Price set sail for Sweden where he immediately began gigging with Scandinavia’s jet-set jazz musicians. In 1974, after a pair of primarily percussive albums intended to aid dance instruction, Price composed and recorded his masterpiece, Rhythm and Blues, released on his own Mel-Dor label. The music was simple, yet inspiring, pairing Sweden’s disciplined session players with imported Latin American percussionists. Rhythm and Blues was never widely distributed abroad, and has, in recent years, fetched top dollar at auction.

Track Listing

  1. Voodo Love Dance
  2. Toward Brazil
  3. Behind Kungsträdgården
  4. Happiness Is…
  5. Five O’Clock Traffic
  6. Lost Train


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