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New (NSFW) video “Make Love” from the Jack Moves



Check out the new (NSFW) video for “Make Love” from the Jack Moves via Flaunt:

A lot of babies were made in the ’70s to the soundtacks of Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendegrass, Al Green, and Barry White; men who sang songs about what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. Zee Desmondes and Teddy Powell of The Jack Moves are ready to make some babies of their own happen with their new single, “Make Love.” The video—which we are thrilled to premiere here—was shot by Austrian fashion photographer Christian Anwander and features Powell grooving on the drums while Desmondes licks his Mick Jaggeresque lips, slowly thrusting his guitar in rhythm, before graciously cutting to slow motion images of bikini’d Brazilian bombshell Aline Weber floating in a pool of a milky liquid. Alternating between shots reminiscent of Blake Little’s work—with Weber on a light table having honey drizzle down her curves, viscously connecting the spaces in between her limbs—the video will definitely make you want to make love, take a cold shower, or both. Milk and honey indeed.

Buy the album here.

Director: Christian Anwander
Creative Director and Editor: Poppie van Herwerden
Director of Photography: Rory Mulhere
Model: Aline Weber for imgmodels.com
Stylist: Caitlyn Leary
Hair: William Schaedler
Makeup: Robert Greene

December 10th, 2015 | | Videos
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Limited-edition Bones & Beeker 7-inch: “Heartbroken in Love” b/w “Oh Lord”


Bones & Beeker

Bones & Beeker‘s debut album just dropped, but we’re still waiting on the December vinyl release.

But wait no longer for this limited-edition 7-inch featuring “Heartbroken in Love” and “Oh Lord”!

Purchase it at our storefront and listen to the tracks below.

November 30th, 2015 | | New Releases

The story of Bones & Beeker



Filmmaker Lamar Landers traveled out to Minneapolis to interview singer-songwriter Anthony Newes and producer/multi-instrumentalist BK-One of Bones & Beeker for his series Theorematic.

“A fusion of hip-hop backdrops, live strings, and an alternative lead develops into ear pleasing audio properties. Bones & Beeker proves to be a combination worth making your acquaintance,” Landers writes.

Bones & Beeker’s debut album comes out November 13 on Wax Poetics Records.

November 6th, 2015 | | Videos

Bones & Beeker drop trippy video for new single, “Samana”



Wax Poetics Records recording artists Bones & Beeker have dropped their second official single, “Samana.” The video, premiered by Tiny Mix Tapes, is a visual trip down the rabbit hole.

Bones & Beeker’s debut album releases on November 13.

Pre-order the vinyl now!

November 3rd, 2015 | | Videos
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Stream debut album from the Jack Moves, out now!


The Jack Moves (Wax Poetics Records)

New York duo the Jack Moves released their debut album on October 30 on Wax Poetics Records.

Buy it on iTunes or pre-order the vinyl.

You can stream the entire album here:

October 29th, 2015 | | New Releases
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